March for the Homeless 2015 #March4Homeless




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March for the Homeless 2015 #March4Homeless

Street System Soundz


Street System Soundz – Business Proposal

‘Street System Soundz will have many layers though primarily it will operate, market and conduct itself as an innovative and alternative events company. We will provide those that are socially excluded through homelessness and other complex needs opportunities to gain skills and experience in the events business through active participation and involvement.

The business will centre around bi-monthly events and included two extra community events each year. This will give an active platform for participants to work and train from as they will be involved at every stage. I believe this learning will be invaluable in securing employment or further training.

During periods that our equipment is not being used we would be able to hire to other promoters and groups bringing in more revenue to grow our training model and kit.

The third aspect to the business involves the use of our premises. This will be a shop front and will sell second hand vinyl alongside refreshment. The opportunity to sell unique bespoke items related to the industry also exists.

I have a vision of a community hub that works as a unique social enterprise, giving pleasure and enjoyment, learning and enrichment. ‘Street System Soundz’ will pride itself on being on the frontline of the latest trends.

Street System Soundz